Good Finance Management

Financial mismanagement is responsible for most business failures the world over. Even the global economic meltdown towards the end of the first decade of this millenium is primarily attributed to financially disastrous decisions. In this series, Dr. Lamba gives his mantra of Good Finance Management & expounds on his two golden rules. Organisations that abide by these rules achieve sustained growth & success & those that violate them can suffer serious consequences.

Module 1 – A Closer Look at the Balance Sheet

This module takes a closer look at the structure of a Balance Sheet and discusses the various items in detail, explains how Liabilities represent ‘Sources’ and Assets ‘Uses’, how organizations raise resources and the expectation of each lender, where the money is invested, the need for working capital and its components.

Module 2 – Two Rules of Good Finance Management. An Overview

Since Bad Finance Management is the single most important cause of business closure, it is essential for every organization to practice Good Finance Management in order to survive and prosper. In this session Dr Lamba explains that Good Finance Management is the collective responsibility of each person in the organization and gives a brief introduction of the two rules.

Module 3 – Rule One of Good Finance Management : Managing Profitability

Dr Lamba explains the concept of Cost of Capital, explodes certain myths associated with the term, and emphasizes how it is critical to ensure that organizations generate returns that are at least equal to the Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

Module 4 – Rule Two of Good Finance Management : Managing Cash Flow

In this module, besides elaborating on the second rule of good finance management, which revolves around effective cash flow management, Dr Lamba also explains how to read a Balance Sheet.


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