Making of a Balance Sheet

The usual perception is that it takes years to learn how to make Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets. Dr. Lamba teaches, in a very quick & simple way, how to make these financial statements in both the accountant’s, as well as the layperson’s way.

Module 1 – Making a Balance Sheet Without any Knowledge of Accounting

Ever felt the need to make a Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, but found yourself at a loss as to how to proceed? In this module Dr Lamba will show you the easiest and most logical way to prepare these statements without even an elementary knowledge of accounting.

Module 2 – Making a Balance Sheet The Accountant’s Way

In this module Dr Lamba explains the intricacies involved in the making of the two basic financial statements from an accountants’ perspective. Using an example, he illustrates how to pass journal entries, post them into ledger accounts, make a trial balance and eventually the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.


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